World Class Counsel Without the Staff

While it’s true that nobody knows your business the way you and your management team do, there are times when seeking outside counsel for legal problems is appropriate. Some legal issues are intricate and involve legal ramifications or hurdles that you may not be familiar with. Some businesses keep a full-time lawyer on staff but not every company needs one. Even companies that do have an attorney on staff may find outside legal counsel a necessity. The lawyer that works with a particular business for a long time becomes intimately familiar with the law as it relates to that particular business but will still need assistance from an attorney more familiar with other aspects of the law from time to time. Legal knowledge of this diversity can only be gained by a law firm dedicated to different practice areas.

BEST COUNSEL WHEN COSTS MATTER – Expertise Across Many Different Areas of Law
Founded by Elaine D. Papas, Legal Solutions Network specializes in matters of Business Formation, Compliance/Due Diligence, International Law, Business Negotiations, Intellectual Property Protection, Corporate Legal Audits, Employment Law and much more. In the course of business, legal issues can come up that cross over between several legal areas. Our attorneys are capable of handling even the most intricate legal issues for our corporate clients.